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Why Choose Harefield?

There are many reasons why people decide to get replacement windows. But whatever your reason, it is a decision that you will make carefully and thoughtfully. Harefield Windows specialists are the leaders when it comes to an amazingly wide choice of windows in a variety of styles and materials - and there will be one that is just right for your home or office. Added to this, our quality is unbeatable and the attention to detail truly impressive. For instance, every window you order will be made individually, especially for you. The care we take when we come to measure up for your windows will be reflected all the way through the process from manufacture to installation and beyond.


UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows - Harefield Windows

Sash windows date back to the 17th century; they are still a popular choice today. A classic sash window design has three by two panes on both sashes which gives the appearance of six by six panes.

In the old days, sash windows were made from wood and had single glazing which presented a number of disadvantages. First, the moving parts were quite high maintenance and the wooden frames were prone to rot in wet conditions. Secondly, single glazing sash windows weren't energy efficient as they did not keep the heat inside.

The double glazing offered by Lifestyle can help you save around £150 per year on your energy bills as double glazing, as the name suggests it, consists of two sheets of glass which offer a high level of insulation. In order to address the rotting issue, our sash windows are designed using modern and energy efficient UPVC materials.

Our range of sash windows has all the marking of the traditional sliding sash windows our customers are looking for and meet all the necessary building regulations so they are a great alternative for some new build properties looking to create that sliding sash appearance.

Our sash windows are ideal for any season and come with some new features which allows for a tilt-open or an opening of both sashes.

All our sash windows are available in a choice of colours: white, white grain foil, cream grain foil, oak foil, mahogany foil, rosewood foil so whatever the style of property, colour of brick or personal choice, we have a sliding sash option that will meet your needs.

We standardise our sliding sash windows as an ‘A’ Energy Rating to conform with current building regulations. This means you can be sure all our sliding sash windows will be as energy efficient as they are attractive.

Classic & Authentic

There is no window which can offer the grace and charm which characterises Sash Windows. The beautiful Classic and Authentic Collection of sliding sashes can transform a period property, bringing exceptional performance whilst retaining the proportion and elegance of traditional sashes.


The Heritage Collection of sliding sashes can transform any style of property, bringing exceptional modern performance whilst retaining the proportions and elegance of traditional sashes.

The Heritage collection is a valuable addition to modern developments, setting the home apart with lasting elegance, and true value.


Replacing your windows is not a decision to be made lightly. Your choice of window style can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics and character of your home.

Aluminium Windows

Velux Windows - Harefield Windows

The many advantages of technologically advanced aluminum framed windows include strength, durability, elegance and thermal efficiency. Harefield’s powder coated aluminum window frames allows more glass, so more light into your property, whilst offering the peace of mind of enhanced high security, given multi-locking is standard.

We design, manufacture and install bespoke aluminum windows to the highest quality standards to ensure that their range of energy rated double glazed aluminum window frames really do add value to your property. You will also reduce your heating bills with our environmentally friendly "A", “B” or “C” rated aluminum window systems.

At Harefield our experienced experts will guide you through the wide choice of energy rated aluminum replacement windows on offer, to ensure you select aluminum windows that suit both your home and budget.

Aluminium windows are a great alternative to PVCu windows and have improved in style, security and performance since the early editions back in the 70’s. Our BEAUFORT aluminium windows are white powder coated and has been known to keep their condition from anything between 20 to 30 years. With modern technology these windows have an improved energy saving capacity with the invention of the Thermal Break. The BEAUFORT range is available in internally and externally glazed profiles with a choice of outer frames. Outer frames are available to fit into existing timber sub-frames or now the more modern application of direct fix, straight into your existing brick aperture. We currently display both systems in our recently refurbished Enfield Showroom

Low Maintenance

Your new windows are protected by a tough and resilient powder paint coating or hard anodised surface. Both finishes will give years of excellent service with only a minimum of maintenance. They are resistant to pollutants and the dirt and grime that can discolour and stain other window materials

Style without compromise

Add a luxurious appearance in either a modern of traditional theme. Your new windows can be tailored to complement your home's style and character with a shaped vents and a range of colours to choose from, including black outside and white inside. Our most popular colour is the gleaming high gloss, brilliant white, that will keep its good looks for years with very little maintenance. You choose exactly what you want and we can make it.

Bays & Bows

Bay windows require extremely strong sections, but to maintain the character of your home they must also be slim and attractive. Aluminium combines all these features and has proven ability to perform successfully for over 30 years.

Equal sight lines

Give your home a further dimension in style and character by creating a symmetrical and well-balanced look that is appealing to the eye. We recommend the use of imitation vents in the areas of fixed glass to give the special appearance. Aluminium is perfect for the effect because the slim sight lines avoid the bulky look that is typical of other framing materials.

UPVC Liniar Windows

Timber Windows - Harefield Windows

This prestigious manufacturer is a market leader in today’s industry offering a wide choice of styling and designs at ever more competitive prices. Both 60mm and 70mm frames are available across all our range giving you a choice of finish that best suits your property.

While many other manufacturers have failed LINIAR continues to go from strength to strength by offering consistent quality and endless variety. All our range of PVCu Windows are available in a choice of outward opening casements, top or side hung right through to modern tilt and turn style windows. Our PVCu Windows are available in standard white, golden oak, and the exciting new Rosewood woodgrain finish and our unique Twinex finish providing white on the inside and either of our grained finishes on the outside. We can now also offer PVCu frames in a choice of 190 painted finishes.

Liniar PVCu windows and doors offer the following features and benefits :

  • At Harefield Liniar PVCu range is manufactured using 100% lead free materials.
  • Assembled in a UK based state of the art factory.
  • A choice of fully chamfered and sculptured systems.
  • 70mm thermally efficient frames.
  • Class leading energy ratings.
  • Unique low line and air-tight gasket designs.
  • Harefield Liniar windows has gained the ‘Secured by Design’ status and is also ISO9001 quality assured.

Timber Windows

Timber Windows - Harefield Windows

Timber Range Windows is a unique double glazed replacement window system specifically designed to suit your needs. Due to its authentic flush appearance it is ideal for use in conservation areas and on luxury properties.

The window system can accommodate 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing, thereby delivering leading edge thermal and acoustic performance. It also achieves a high weather rating due to its robust design.

The Range is fabricated utilizing a modern composite material that delivers a virtually maintenance free finish. Available in a unique set of Heritage Period colours, the “easy clean rebates” are also foiled in the same finish, enabling each window to maintain its unrivalled appearance even when open.

At Hare field we offer a wide range of beautifully hand crafted, factory finished engineered range of Timber Windows tailor-made to suit your exact requirements and specifications

Flush Casements

Flush Casements Timber flush casement windows are characterised by openers that close into the frame finish flush with the face of the window. These simple, hinged casement windows are typical of most medieval buildings, of cottages, modest houses of all periods and of houses built in the 1920s and 30s.


PerformanceOur range of Timber Windows offer a low maintenance - High Security - Thermally efficient alternative to PVCu or aluminium. Have a closer look on just how much Timber Windows have evolved over the years.

Patterned Glass

Patterned GlassOur range of patterned glass for the timber windows and doors range is different to the Pilkington range of glass we use in the UK. As our Timber Windows and doors are made on the continent the Pattered glass texture range comes from the European supplier Saint Gobain. There are some great unique options to choose from.


guaranteeMany traditional timber windows in Britain have lasted for centuries and are still in good working order. We are confident that with minimal maintenance our timber windows and doors will provide a lifetime of high performance.

Timber Sash Windows

Velux Windows - Harefield Windows

All our timber sash windows are manufactured to suit our customer’s individual requirements, from the timber used, the colour and optional decorative glazing to blend in with the features of the property or add that touch of individual flair. The Range:

  • 68mm Stormproof Windows
  • 68mm Stormproof Windows – Internally Beaded
  • 92mm Stormprrof Windows
  • Box Sash / Verticle Sliding Sash Window featuring pulleys, cords and lead weights (165mm Section)
  • Traditional Slider on spiral balances (165mm Section)
  • Mock Vertical Slider with horns (82mm Section)
  • Traditional flush casement (92mm Section) – Ideal for conservation areas

Standard Colours : (We can match any RAL colour that meets your specification)

The paint or stain finish applied to our product range is of an exceptionally high standard. Each timber product undergoes a 4 step finishing process. The assembled product is treated to protect end grains from moisture ingress. A base coat is applied by flow coater and two top coats are applied to the correct micron thickness by our factory controlled spray line.

Our paint system protects the wood in three ways:

  • It protects the wood from harmful ultra-violet rays which can cause graying and coursing of the wood.
  • It protects the wood from water ingress, and being microporous allows excess moisture to escape.
  • It is flexible and it can therefore expand and contract naturally with the timber

Velux Windows

Velux Windows - Harefield Windows

Centre-Pivot Roof Windows

The top control bar on these roof windows makes them easy to operate, even with furniture under the window.

Top-Hung Roof Windows

Opens outwards to provide extra headroom and expansive views, which is ideal if the bottom handle can be easily reached to operate the window.

Electric Roof Windows

Ideal for out-of-reach situations with our handy programmable remote.

Vertical Combinations

The combination of vertical windows and Centre-Pivot Roof Windows extend the possibilities for view and daylight.

Roof Terrace

Top-hung upper element and side-hung lower element combine to produce a doorway to the outside terrace.

Balcony System

The combination of vertical windows and Centre-Pivot Roof Windows extend the possibilities for view and daylight.

Flat Roof Window

All the superior features of a VELUX Roof Window in a flat roof.

Conservation Roof Windows

All the technically superior features of a VELUX Roof Window in a conservation style. Available in both centre-pivot and top-hung.


Our wide range of accessories allows you to manage the daylight within your room effectively.

Smoke Vent

For situations where smoke ventilation is required.

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