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Secondary Glazing - Harefield Windows

Secondary Glazing

Residential - Harefield Windows

Secondary Glazing can reduce traffic noise by up to 80% and once fitted is hardly visible. It can also reduce your heating consumption dramatically, making you more environmentally friendly.

At Hare field we specialize in secondary glazing serving both commercial & residential clients.

We can tackle all window designs, and in particular are often asked to sound proof, or draught/heat insulate, Victorian sash windows which can look beautiful but may be noisy, dirty and draughty. Our unique design mirrors the structure of your existing primary windows so that the secondary glazing is hardly visible once installed.

We welcome projects in listed buildings that require a high standard of workmanship and expertise.

Our clean and efficient service carries a ten-year guarantee on both workmanship and materials.

Recent assignments include:
– Wembley Stadium
– Brunell University
Both residential and commercial properties requiring a high standard of workmanship and expertise are welcome …………
Professional secondary glazing property improvement specialist you can rely on…. LARGER PROJECTS CONSIDERED NATION WIDE

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